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The Needleman Law Office, has over 30 years of bankruptcy experience for individuals and small businesses throughout Ohio. You can expect to be treated with dignity during this difficult time.

During your no-cost bankruptcy and debt relief consultation, you’ll work directly with an attorney, not a paralegal. Rest assured our team will pave the best financial path forward for you.

Scott R. Needleman

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30 Years Debt Relief & Bankruptcy Attorney Experience Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Central Ohio

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Our Reviews

As you search to find the best bankruptcy attorney in Central Ohio, to help find the best debt relief options for you and your family. Check out our bankruptcy attorney reviews on Google.

Mark Stratton
Mark Stratton
July 31, 2022.
Scott Needlrman and his firm was very professional and also personable in answering my questions and also helping me put together a plan to handle my legal matters. I’m very happy to recommend their firm to anyone who is experiencing legal matters. Very knowledgeable and a top notch law firm! Thanks Scott to you and your firm!
Gary Nutter
Gary Nutter
June 10, 2022.
Scott Needleman and his team are experts at bankruptcy. They will peel all of the layers of your financial situation back to insure you are prepared for filing. My final hearing included special guest visitors from the IRS! Scott had me prepared for anything, so it was easy to answer their questions. In my experience, honesty, clarity and expertise are difficult to find among attorneys, but I was fortunate to choose Scott and his team to represent my family. Thanks Scott! You helped my family through a tough period in our lives!
Omar Walters
Omar Walters
March 1, 2022.
Faced with a Private Student Loan Law Suit and Scott Helped. All the other firms that I had reached out to were guiding me towards filing Bankruptcy, Scott didn't. He laid out, in no uncertain terms what my position was and my most effective/sensible options were. He treated my cased in a way that made me feel as though he cared. He was patient and confident, but most importantly, a keen listener. Needleman Law office took care of business for me. They're affordable and I am please. Definitely highly recommended.
Todd Lamb
Todd Lamb
January 17, 2022.
Scott did a great job representing us and getting the job done. A+++
Lena Light
Lena Light
December 30, 2021.
Scott is great and I really appreciate his help with everything. Highly recommend his services. I would not trust anyone else with my case. Him and his staff were always available and very responsive, answered all my questions and made the process very painless and stress free.
Timothy Hicks
Timothy Hicks
November 30, 2021.
I have known Scott Needleman for many years, there is no better Attorney anywhere in Central Ohio for Bankruptcy Chapter 7, or Chapter 13. Friendly and very professional! Five Star!
Stafford k. Lipscomb II
Stafford k. Lipscomb II
October 19, 2021.
You would not believe the value in one conversation with this company. Mr. Needleman represents good business and provided me with a straight answer and course of action. I am so blessed!
September 21, 2021.
More than impressed with Scott and his team. They have been helpful and professional the whole time. They lead me through the process even the court hearing so I would be prepared. I cannot say enough about this office and the service I received.
Jennifer Del Pilar
Jennifer Del Pilar
July 12, 2021.
Scott Needleman is fantastic, very caring and professional. He helped me alot back in 2017 and now in 2021 with matters associated to that 2017 situation. He was quick to follow up on my case and I genuinely felt heard and like I had someone in my corner through tough times.
Scott Needleman Bankruptcy Attorney

About Scott Needleman

My name is Scott Needleman, I am The Columbus Bankruptcy Lawyer and owner of The Needleman Law Office. I serve as a bankruptcy attorney in Columbus, Ohio for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings in the United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Ohio.

Medical issues, hospital bills, divorce, job loss, high credit card debt, and other traumatic events can cause personal financial disaster and stress. I am an experienced debt relief and bankruptcy attorney and I limit my practice to Bankruptcy Services, Foreclosure Defense Assistance, Student Loan Debt Help, and Fair Debt Collection Violations.

You can expect to be treated with the dignity that you deserve during this difficult time. Call now or click on my online scheduler to setup a phone call or video chat with me, and in most cases I will be able to advise you of your debt relief options within 15 minutes during your no-cost financial analysis consultation with me, the Columbus Bankruptcy Lawyer.

Personal And Small Business Bankruptcy Help in Central Ohio

Should You File For Bankruptcy in Ohio?

Many are faced with this question at least once in their personal life. You’re not alone. If you’re in Ohio trying to determine the benefits of filing for bankruptcy, learn the different types of bankruptcy and your options from an experienced Ohio bankruptcy lawyer.

Bankruptcy is a last resort to deal with your financial crisis. Once you file, you can re-establish your credit and in most cases, you will keep your car and house. For others, we may advise and assist you in taking another route.

What to Consider When Filing for Central Ohio Small Business Bankruptcy

Many Columbus small business owners believe that one type of bankruptcy is the same as the next, however, this is not the case. Similar to filing individually, you have options including Chapters 7, 11, and 13 (link to their respective pages). It is imperative to become familiar with the finer details of each type of small business bankruptcy. Over the years, Scott Needleman has helped many small businesses file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Attorney & Student Loan Debt Relief

Hire a Central Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Who Values Your Time

"Meet With Me, Not a Paralegal"

The Needleman Law Office’s mantra is “Meet With an Attorney, Not A Paralegal.” As a leading bankruptcy law office in Ohio, taking personal interest and care in your best interests is key to getting consistent results. Our team can provide you with your debt relief options within 15 minutes during a no-charge consultation.

While many Ohio bankruptcy lawyers offer only brief meetings with a bankruptcy attorney and then pawn you off on a paralegal, Scott Needleman and partnering attorneys work directly with you through the entire process.

Free Consultations to Learn Your Options in 15 Minutes

Learn Your Options in 15 Minutes

Scott understands that Columbus bankruptcy services are always in demand, especially in such uncertain times. That’s why he works to accommodate the needs of all clients, working with you to manage constraints for time, distance, health, and of course finances.

To help meet these needs for his clients, The Columbus Bankruptcy Lawyer, Scott Needleman, is now providing free, no-charge financial analysis consultations through both phone and video chat

Because of his extensive bankruptcy law and student loan debt experience, in most cases he can provide you with your debt relief options within about 15 minutes.

Student Loan Attorney for Debt Relief

Student Loan Help, Not Bankruptcy

While many bankruptcy attorneys in Columbus will rush you into filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy to resolve student loan debt, in many cases filing bankruptcy for student loan debt relief is NOT the best resource for student loan debt relief.

As a student loan lawyer, Scott Needleman can help you to find the best student loan debt solution, without filing bankruptcy. Thus providing you with a long term student loan debt solution, rather than setting you up to find yourself back in similar student debt problems at the end of a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.

Of course, as an experienced student loan lawyer in Columbus, Scott Needleman is closely watching all the legal changes in the rapidly-changing student loan system, and is prepared to help you understand what it all means for you and how you can use these changes to your advantage.

Debt Relief & Bankruptcy Articles

What to Expect From a Free Consultation With Needleman Bankruptcy Lawyers

Take your first step toward feeling better by meeting one-on-one with an attorney, not a paralegal, for 15 minutes on the phone with The Needleman Law Office. Our aim is to get answers fast without compromising the quality of advice. We’ll ask you a series of straightforward questions about your finances and avoid more unnecessary emotional distress at this difficult time. When we’re finished, you’ll receive an email outlining what we talked about. Your time spent connecting with us will always be transparent and easy to navigate. Next, we jump into our 1-2-3 process when you’re ready.

The Needleman Law Office 1-2-3 Process

  1. Initial analysis – After our first meeting, we will forward you a packet with a checklist, worksheet, and instructions for required credit counseling.
  2. Return paperwork – Send them to our office for review and case typing.
  3. File – Review your finished bankruptcy petition, sign, and file.

After your case is filed we attend a court hearing. The hearing is named a “341 Hearing”, or meeting of creditors. A bankruptcy trustee appointed by the government will hear your case. They determine if there are assets to recover. Most Chapter 7 cases are no asset cases.

FAQs With The Best Central Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney

Even before your bankruptcy is filed, once we are hired, you can give our contact information to the collectors and they typically will stop calling you and call us instead. Once you file bankruptcy, the Automatic Stay is initiated preventing collection activities.

For your convenience, our bankruptcy law office is now offering phone meetings. You can now learn your bankruptcy filing options from home. Best of all, your free bankruptcy consultation usually only takes 15 minutes or less.

Our firm has licensed bankruptcy lawyers in the Southern District of Ohio United States Bankruptcy Court, which allows our team to provide bankruptcy attorney services to much of Central Ohio and South Eastern Ohio.