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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Columbus

30 Years of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law Experience On Your Side

During your no-cost Chapter 7 debt relief analysis with The Needleman Law Office, I will analyze your financial situation and create a plan of action to put your financial future back on track. Over 30 years of legal experience puts me ahead of the competition when it comes to finding debt relief for you through Columbus Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

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How Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy With an Attorney in Columbus Can Help You

If you are living from paycheck to paycheck and falling behind on your bills either from unexpected emergencies or other financial crises, creditors may threaten to garnish your paycheck or foreclose on your home. It may be time to consider speaking to a Columbus, Ohio Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney for professional help. Columbus Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will discharge most unsecured debts from credit cards, medical bills, and personal loans, providing a fresh start to rebuild your credit. To file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbus you must pass the “means test” which compares your income to that of similar households in Ohio. You must be at or below the median income to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I will help carefully navigate this emotional process.

What Happens After Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Columbus, Ohio

Like many people, you may be reluctant to consider filing bankruptcy as an option; however, once you understand more about the bankruptcy process, you may find Chapter 7 bankruptcy to be the right choice for you and your family.

When I file your bankruptcy petition, the Bankruptcy Court will issue an automatic stay order to all creditors forbidding them from further attempts to collect debts. In most Chapter 7 bankruptcies the debtor never steps foot in an actual courtroom, though you’ll need to appear for a less formal meeting of creditors. A typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy will be discharged approximately four to five months after filing the petition. At the end of the case, the majority of your debts will be discharged, meaning you are no longer legally responsible for the debt.

Your Car and Other Assets in Columbus Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “Liquidation” or “Fresh Start” bankruptcy; however, an attorney will help you decipher what that really means for your property and the assets you’re allowed to keep based on its type and worth.

FAQs With The Best COLUMBUS Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are not making payments on a car, you’ll be in a position to keep the vehicle as long as it is valued at less than Ohio’s vehicle exemption amount for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you’re making payments, you have options that The Needleman Law Office will help you navigate: walk away from the car and turn it over to the lender or keep the car by speaking with your lender’s bankruptcy department to learn about future payment or purchase options.

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio, your assets will become part of the bankruptcy estate. A bankruptcy trustee is then appointed by the court to sell these assets as a means of paying back creditors. But just because you file does not mean that you have to give up all of your property. There are bankruptcy exemptions in Chapter 7 filings in Ohio such as money in bank accounts and often your vehicle. You’ll also likely be able to keep some of the equity in your home due to the homestead exemption.

Step Toward a Brighter Future and Debt Relief With Columbus Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help

At The Needleman Law Office, I understand how financial problems can negatively impact you and your family which is why I am committed to helping you find a solution. Contact the office today by calling 614-575-1188 so that we can discuss your legal options for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and start you on the path to a brighter, debt-free future.

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