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I Can’t Afford Ohio Drivers’ License Reinstatement Fees, Can Bankruptcy Help?

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If you have had your Ohio Drivers’ License suspended, you may have found out that there are reinstatement fees which are required in order to get you legally back on the road. The reinstatement fees can be quite high, and can vary based on factors such as the type of offense, amount of time which has passed, and even where the license was suspended. Not being able to get your license back or paying these fees can add to your hardship if you are struggling financially.

The Ohio BMV does offer a payment plan to help you to get your ODL back. To qualify, you need to meet specific requirements, which include owing at least $150 in reinstatement fees. Another method which may be utilized to get your license back by discharging reinstatement fees is filing bankruptcy.

Ohio Drivers’ License reinstatement fees may be discharged through bankruptcy

Reinstatement fees are a debt that may be discharged in a bankruptcy under Ohio Law. For Ohio Drivers’ License reinstatement fees to be discharged in a bankruptcy filing, the bankruptcy documentation must be presented to any reinstatement center or deputy registrar license agency. The BMV will require you to take a copy of the bankruptcy petition or discharge, along with the schedule of debts which shows the Ohio Drivers’ License fees included in the bankruptcy.