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During your no cost student loan debt relief analysis with Columbus student loan lawyer Scott Needleman, he will utilize his 30 years of debt relief experience to analyze your student loan debts & financial situation in order to create a plan of action to put your financial future back on track. 

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Our Reviews

Mark Stratton
Mark Stratton
July 31, 2022.
Scott Needlrman and his firm was very professional and also personable in answering my questions and also helping me put together a plan to handle my legal matters. I’m very happy to recommend their firm to anyone who is experiencing legal matters. Very knowledgeable and a top notch law firm! Thanks Scott to you and your firm!
Gary Nutter
Gary Nutter
June 10, 2022.
Scott Needleman and his team are experts at bankruptcy. They will peel all of the layers of your financial situation back to insure you are prepared for filing. My final hearing included special guest visitors from the IRS! Scott had me prepared for anything, so it was easy to answer their questions. In my experience, honesty, clarity and expertise are difficult to find among attorneys, but I was fortunate to choose Scott and his team to represent my family. Thanks Scott! You helped my family through a tough period in our lives!
Omar Walters
Omar Walters
March 1, 2022.
Faced with a Private Student Loan Law Suit and Scott Helped. All the other firms that I had reached out to were guiding me towards filing Bankruptcy, Scott didn't. He laid out, in no uncertain terms what my position was and my most effective/sensible options were. He treated my cased in a way that made me feel as though he cared. He was patient and confident, but most importantly, a keen listener. Needleman Law office took care of business for me. They're affordable and I am please. Definitely highly recommended.
Todd Lamb
Todd Lamb
January 17, 2022.
Scott did a great job representing us and getting the job done. A+++
Lena Light
Lena Light
December 30, 2021.
Scott is great and I really appreciate his help with everything. Highly recommend his services. I would not trust anyone else with my case. Him and his staff were always available and very responsive, answered all my questions and made the process very painless and stress free.
Timothy Hicks
Timothy Hicks
November 30, 2021.
I have known Scott Needleman for many years, there is no better Attorney anywhere in Central Ohio for Bankruptcy Chapter 7, or Chapter 13. Friendly and very professional! Five Star!
Stafford k. Lipscomb II
Stafford k. Lipscomb II
October 19, 2021.
You would not believe the value in one conversation with this company. Mr. Needleman represents good business and provided me with a straight answer and course of action. I am so blessed!
September 21, 2021.
More than impressed with Scott and his team. They have been helpful and professional the whole time. They lead me through the process even the court hearing so I would be prepared. I cannot say enough about this office and the service I received.
Jennifer Del Pilar
Jennifer Del Pilar
July 12, 2021.
Scott Needleman is fantastic, very caring and professional. He helped me alot back in 2017 and now in 2021 with matters associated to that 2017 situation. He was quick to follow up on my case and I genuinely felt heard and like I had someone in my corner through tough times.

You Don't Need a Bankruptcy Attorney, You Need a Columbus Student Loan Lawyer!

While most Columbus, Ohio bankruptcy attorneys advertise for student loan debt help and student loan relief, it is important to know the advantages of working with a Columbus Student Loan Lawyer. Due to student loan debt generally not being dischargeable in a bankruptcy filing, as a Columbus Student Loan Lawyer, Scott Needleman assists those suffering with student loan debt in finding alternative solutions to filing for bankruptcy. 


Virtual consultations available! Call or schedule your free phone of video consultation with a student loan lawyer now!

  • Are you struggling to keep up with your student loan payments?
  • Are your student loans payments delinquent or in default?
  • Are your wages being garnished by your student loan servicer?
  • Is your tax return being taken to pay your student loan debts?
  • Are debt collectors harassing you in an attempt to collect student loan debts?
  • Would it help you to reduce student loan payments or even forgive your student loan debt altogether?

The Needleman Law Office Student Loan Debt Help Process:

  1. Call my office at 614-575-1188 to schedule a no obligation consultation.
  2. Bring your FAFSA pin number so we can access your federal student loan website. Your pin number is your electronic signature. Then, we access your loan information and have you sign the authorizations required for me to negotiate on your behalf.
  3. Once I receive all of your federal student loan information, I will analyze your finances and create a plan of action. I will then give you a written opinion of your available choices.
  4. Stop harassing phone calls, avoid wage and tax refund seizures,
    Defend student loan debt lawsuits for borrowers, co-borrowers, parent plus loans, and more.
  5. Help you qualify for student loan forgiveness or a lower monthly payment.
  6. Help you get you out of default and on an affordable repayment plan.

Beware of Student Loan Consolidation Loans

Whether you are facing student loan debt collection activities or are on just about any student loan debt relief program, most borrowers are bombarded with Student Loan Consolidation offers. IMPORTANT: CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR A STUDENT LOAN CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM! 

Federal student loan programs provide borrowers with numerous options for student loan relief. Most of the student loan consolidation programs being offered by loan servicing companies remove many of the rights and options afforded to you by your existing student loans. Don’t risk losing your rights to student loan forgiveness, cancellation, or discharge programs, Call a Student Loan Lawyer Today!


Columbus Student Loan Lawyer

“As a Columbus, Ohio bankruptcy attorney it has always bothered me to see how many graduates would come through my law office for a bankruptcy consultation only for me to tell them that their student loan debts could not be discharged in a bankruptcy. Helping people who are struggling with debt is my business and my life, therefore I made it my mission to bring student loan debt solutions to my practice and become a student loan lawyer. The fact is that while most bankruptcy lawyers cannot directly help to reduce your student loan payment or to even help you to gain student loan debt forgiveness, my Columbus, Ohio student loan debt relief office can help, without the need to file chapter 13 bankruptcy.”

     – Scott R. Needleman,
       The Columbus Student Loan Lawyer

Nationwide, student loan debt is over 1.3 trillion dollars and growing by the minute. Student loan debt has now exceeded credit card debt in this country and is a major problem facing graduates in Columbus, Ohio.

Student Loan Forbearance and Deferment

If you are reading this, then you may already have experienced attempting to work directly with your lender(s). Remember, the student loan servicers are in business to make money from your student loan debts. The lender knows that you are in survival mode, and typically will offer a forbearance or deferment as breathing room. A student loan forbearance or deferment temporarily suspends your payments. The reason it is good business for the student loan servicer to be so generous is because they make interest on the principal while your payments are suspended, thus your student loan debts continue to accumulate. When the forbearance or deferment expires, you are right back where you started, except your student loan debts are even higher.

Student Loan Default Collections

If you are in default, the student loan servicers can take money from you without even filing a lawsuit. It is known as an administrative wage garnishment. The student loan servicer can even take your income tax refund to offset your student loan debt.

My student loan debt relief solutions service has a process to get you out of student loan default in order to help you to qualify for many of the available programs to resolve your student loan debt problems.

In addition to other debt relief solutions, my student loan debt help office can help you to seek a number of federal programs that can assist you in survival, some of these programs include IBR, IDR, ICR, Hardship Discharges, Public Service Forgiveness, Administrative Discharge, School Closing Discharge, Fraudulent Application, Public Student Loan Forgiveness programs for teachers, government workers, and also employees of 501 C 3 not for profit corporations among others. As a part of the student loan debt relief service provided, you will be made aware of what programs that you may qualify for and what programs that my process may help you to qualify for.

Dealing With National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCSLT) Collections?

The NCSLT owns, and attempts to collect on, private student loans. This means the process for dealing with them is significantly different than federal student loans, as they are treated like other forms of private consumer debt like credit cards. Our firm has hundreds of hours of specialized training in defending private student loan collection lawsuits. If they are contacting you for collections or even a lawsuit, click here for more information about your options.