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How To Use The Student Loan Relief Act to Help Get Out Of Student Loan Default

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Use The Student Loan Relief Act To Help Get Out Of Student Loan Default

Student Loan Relief Extended Through End of 2020

In an August 21, 2020 press release by the US Department of Education, it was announced that President Trump’s August 8, 2020 Presidential Memorandum to extend student loan debt relief was fully implemented by Secretary DeVos. This student loan relief program was initiated in March and currently has been extended through December 31, 2020.


Are You In Default On Your Student Loans?

Now is Your Chance to Get Out Of Student Loan Default!

If you are in default on your student loans, now is your chance to get out of default! The student loan debt relief window has been opened through the government’s student loan debt relief program until the end of the year. Now is the opportunity to negotiate a  payment based on your income. You can use the government student loan debt relief program to help you rehabilitate now, and position yourself to meet the requirements to have the greatest level of negotiating power and achieve the best available student debt program for your situation. 

Take Advantage Of The Government Student Loan Debt Relief Program To Get Out Of Student Loan Default!

To get out of default, 9  on time payments to the collector/US Department of Education are required.  If you begin now, you would get credit for on-time payments for Sept,Oct, Nov and Dec without having to make the payments, because the payment is covered by the Student Loan Relief Act.  Your 5th on-time payment would be due in January of 2021, assuming that the program is not extended again.

As a student loan lawyer, I can help you to plan and negotiate a student loan relief program that will fit your budget and help you to secure your financial future.